Aliesha Newman

There’s a significant reason behind Collingwood AFLW player Aliesha Newman’s partnership with Steeden.

And it’s off the back of a nasty concussion incident back in 2019.

“I’ve had to deal with quite a few injuries to be honest, quite a few soft tissue injuries like quads and hamstrings,” she told

“Though my biggest and scariest injuries would have to be the concussions I have suffered over the past four years of playing the game.

“I suffered a concussion that actually put me out of the game for eight months, with  on and off physical activity and zero contact training.

“This is actually the reason I have joined team Steeden.”

Newman is one of two AFL/AFLW players wearing the Steeden headgear, with the extra protection and comfort making it also the choice for Melbourne’s Angus Brayshaw, with the midfielder also having a number of serious head knocks.

Although Steeden headgear can’t guarantee protection against concussion, it was a comforting element for Newman to add to her matchday uniform.

“Having the opportunity to wear Steeden headgear means a lot to me and gives me another opportunity to play the game I love,” Newman said.

“They are super comfy and really easy to get used to.”

Newman recently completed her fifth season of AFLW with Collingwood reaching the Preliminary Final.

“I stared playing football in primary school/high school just for fun, when there was no pathway for female football,” she said.

“When I realised the was an AFLW competition for the year, I got drafted in the 2016 draft at the age of 21.

“It is a really humbling and incredible feeling not only to play AFL though being a part of a competition that has been created after so many years of not having a female competition at the highest level.

“Being a pioneer is an unreal feeling and being able to be a role model for all the younger girls and boys that females can play the game is great.”

As for memorable moments, Newman couldn’t forget her Round 1 debut and her Goal of the Year highlight in Melbourne colours in 2018.

“I don’t think I could go past running out for the first time for Round 1 of the inaugural season in 2016,” she added.

“A close second would be the moment I won the Goal of the Year in the 2018 season that was pretty memorable and something I will cherish or the rest of my life.”


What is your favourite breakfast?

I love poached eggs and bacon on toast.

What is your favourite way to keep fit?

I love to incorporate all aspects to keep fit cause who likes to just run to keep fit! I like the gym as well as incorporating the bike and the rower. I love boxing I think that is my ultimate favourite.

Who inspired you?

From a sporting perspective I had a role model in Kyah Simon as an indigenous female athlete that plays for the Matildas. I always inspired to be like her. From a non-sporting aspect my Mum continues to inspire me to be the best version of myself on and off the field.

What advice would you give future athletes?

The best advice I could give future athletes is to just give yourself every opportunity to be the best athlete you can be because whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve.